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My iPod Docking Stations

Welcome to My iPod Docking Stations!  We offer a variety of high-quality, stylish, and affordable iPod docking stations.  Most of our iPhone/iPad docking stations, wireless outdoor speakers and home theater systems are compatible with all iPod/iPhone/iPad models with a 30-pin dock connector.  If you are unfamiliar with what an iPod docking station is, it is a device that allows you to charge and play your iPod or iPhone.  iPod docking stations are also known as Portable Speakers.  Ipod docking stations with speakers can run on batteries, allowing to play your music anywhere.

There are a few ways to play music through a set of speakers.  However, if you want something that can charge your iPod, the best option is an iPod Docking Station.  A docking station is usually built in to the iPod speakers or included as a separate peice.  Home Theater Systems usually come with a docking station for iPods, iPhones or iPads.

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Not all iPod docking stations have speakers.  If you are looking for an alternative way to charge your iPod with out connecting it to your computer, then you can get a very basic docking station.  In most cases, the docking stations are built directly into the portable iPod speakers.  Connecting your iPhone or iPod to a 30-pin dock is definitely more beneficial than connecting to a stereo or car through an auxilary jack.  Plugging into an iPod dock allows you to play music at full volume no matter what your iPod's volume setting is.  You are also provided with the benefit of having a fully charged iPod or iPhone after using the iPod speakers.

iPod Docking Stations

An iPod docking station can easily be moved around or stored away.  Built with great audio speakers and mini subwoofers, a docking station for iPods is a great accessory for group or solo activities.  Portable speakers are awesome for cleaning the house and doing chores.  Moving these iPod docking stations around is easy.  A very popular iPod dock is the alarm clock with a docking station.  These ipod docking stations are fantastic for your bedside or kitchen.  They give you the option of to waking up to your favorite playlist, the radio or a buzzer.

Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Wireless outdoor speakers are built to withstand all weather and can play music just like an iPod docking station.  The speakers may come with an iPod dock so that your can transmit your music to your all-weather speakers.  Some speakers are camoflauged to look like the environment, such as a rock or log.  Camouflage speakers can be added to your garden and never be noticed.  Other all-weather speakers can be mounted on a wall or simply sit in a corner.  Handling outdoor speakers is easy with their light weight design and music control via remote.

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